Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ten Reasons a Woman Should Care About Football

Me having a moment at last year's NFL Draft with Ken Harvey and the Commissioner
Not sure how you got to a blog about football? Thinking that football is a game for lunky, sweaty guys who crush beer cans on their foreheads? Are you more into Coach than coaches or more about fashion than forwards, care more about Louboutins than cleats? Well, as girls we are raised to think of football as man's domain, but by our sheer numbers, women have an important place at the table in football fandom. Merchandising and commercials are moving to attract women as well as men, a clear sign that women are becoming a force.

So why should you be interested?  Here are my ten reasons- send me your own:

City or regional pride - Remember the camaraderie that you had following your high school or
I guess you can tell my Redskins pride!!!
college team? You felt a part of something exciting. Learning about and following your home team gives you that same feeling, pride in your city or region, a chance to be part of something.  When your team wins, it is great, and when they don't , well, it builds character.

Social Outlet -  Basically from August until the end of January, football rules the airwaves, so why not learn something so that you are not left out at the water cooler at work, at the sports bar or even at family gatherings?

Mental Challenge -  Football is a game not just of brawn, but of skill and strategy, and understanding what makes a winning team or a successful play takes thought and analysis.  This will be especially if decide to explore the world of fantasyfootball.

Eye Candy -  What red-blooded woman does not want to watch built guys in tight pants run around the field? 'Nuff said.

Shock Factor for the Men in Your Life -  Whether it is your dad, your older brother or your boyfriend or husband, there is nothing like the shock and surprise on a guy's face when you actually know the signal for holding or how many points a safety is (kind of the way you would feel if he distinguished a Prada bag from a Nine West!)

This is only part of last year's Super Bowl Spread- Caviar can go with football!
Football Food -  From wings to ribs, to chips and dip, the food people eat while watching football is amazing! Games are a natural gathering and when a lot of people get together there has got to be food and drink, and it has got to be good!

Tailgating - An extension of football food for the fanatic fan - "extreme" football food if you will. You can cook out at the location of your team's game, and some people take tailgating seriously. Tailgating among die-hards is almost a competitive sport in and of itself.  Only football fans can make a parking lot a culinary destination!

Kitchen Avoidance - My mom told that with three brothers she learned early that on Thanksgiving  and game days you could either be watching the game or doing dishes in the kitchen. Seriously, now, which would you choose?

Me Announcing the selection of Kirk Cousins!
Fantasy Football - With a little understanding of the game, you can create a team, vanquish opponents and even win money without the billions it would take to own your own NFL team.

Break the Stereotype - Everyone thinks that women can't like or understand football.  Just like the
stereotype that you can't be beautiful and smart, or that all blondes are dumb, it is great to break through and blow people's minds.  Guess what you can love Fashion Week AND understand the crown of the helmet rule, you can adore RG III and Elie Saab (oh, and for you boys and girls, Elie is a man!)

So hopefully these reasons are enough for you to keep coming back. Come here to ask your questions and share your experiences. And I will be sharing mine with you, and maybe you can find something to interest and engage you, even make you laugh.

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